What’s life without entertainment? Especially in music, fans live for their favorite genres and would die for their favorite artists. In today’s world, where a new artist can go viral at any moment, there are new artists taking the spotlight every day.

Here are 5 of the most amazing rising starts of 2018 in the EDM genre.

Chris Lake
After Chris Lake dropped “Operator,” the song that became the anthem of Holy Ship, he created a music label and began working on a collaboration project with Skrillex. He has quickly risen to popularity and conducted an international tour that included the likes of Europe, North America, and Asia. Of course, he started off his 2018 by being a major act at Holy Ship yet again.

This female EDM artist has gotten praise from EDM originals like Skrillex and Deadmau5. Her image and music are completely unique in the EDM universe. In 2017, she was one of the highlights of Holy Ship by captivating the audience with her Rezzstep tracks. Active for just five years, she’s already produced songs for Mau5trap. Rezz frequents many of the major EDM music festivals.

Once 2017 wrapped up, everyone should have heard of Illenium. But for those who haven’t, readers will be glad to have found him on this list. After dropping his debut album in 2016, his die-hard fans have been following him to every music festival he plays. Most recently, he dropped an Album called “Awake”, which fuses story-telling and EDM to create a unique sound.

Big Wild
At just fifteen years old, Big Wild was producing beats for rappers. After doing this for some time, Big Wild was discovered by Odesza, who then invited him on two separate tours. One thing that sets Big Wild apart is that he consistently drops new music for his fans.

ARMNHMR are known as the most humble and friendly duo in EDM. They’ve received praise from big acts like The Chainsmokers. Gaining popularity, they’ll be spending 2018 touring with other acts and participating in music festivals.

Seeking out new EDM artists to listen to can be a fun journey to go on. Because of YouTube and other online social media platforms, it can feel like there’s a new EDM superstar every day.