DJ GriF8

At the age of 19, DJ GriF8 is already performing at nightclubs and producing original dance music. He was self taught as both a DJ and producer, adopting the name of DJ GriF8. He also hosted a radio show on Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Radio. He avidly keeps up with the latest music in genres ranging from EDM / Hip Hop to Top 40. DJ GriF8 is currently working on his debut album and new remixes for his upcoming events at established nightclubs.

DJ GriF8 has been a long time fan of EDM music. Growing up in Laguna Beach, CA, DJ GriF8 would often times sample the waves of his hometown and turn them into a Tropical House mix. Having always followed renowned DJs such as, Daft Punk, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Odesza, and Skrillex, and he aspired to reach the same success.

As a DJ, he takes great joy in performing. Be it a local bar or lounger, DJ GriF8 always has a good time. As a performer, he appreciates that he is able to lift people’s spirits and help everyone enjoy themselves for a while. Offering a broad range of percussive electronic music to nightclubs, bars, and various venues, DJ GriF8 helps the crowd let loose and forget about their worries.

Largely known as “dance music” in the UK, EDM is mostly popular in nightclubs, raves and festivals across the world. The dance-based entertainment scene is particularly popular in places such as Ibiza, Amsterdam and and Berlin. Ultimately, DJ GriF8 hopes to both experience these scenes and one day perform in such places.

Music has been more than just a hobby or an outlet over the years, it’s truly been his passion. Having started at such a young age, he has grown to fully understand the complexities behind being a DJ. DJ GriF8’s passion combined with his talent for mixing, has presented him with numerous opportunities over the years. Performing at local bars and clubs, he has been able to share his talent with people in the surrounding areas. Laguna Beach has been a great place to grow up, but DJ GriF8 has dreams to take his music career far beyond California. DJ GriF8 continues to mix music in Laguna Beach, CA today and performs at various venues in the area.

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